Coded Cloth

Coded Cloth

‘Coded Cloth’: An investigation into generative design as a digital-led design process for jacquard weave, using code to program, and as a tool to reanimate historical jacquard pattern archives.

This is a collaborative research project with external partners: The Silk Museum  and Paradise Mill , Macclesfield. It utilises archival materials to explore, through generative design and programming, the creation of woven pattern designs, for digital-led jacquard weaving.

A working relationship was established in 2013 with the Mill, to interact with their extensive silk jacquard archives. These designs were traditionally produced using punch cards, which are a manifestation of binary data used to drive the technology (looms).

This project positions the researcher as a practitioner within the emergent body of leaders exploring the hybrid connections or realms between digital/virtual and hand/real expressions. The body of research has been further supported by the North West Doctorial Training Partnership in the UK, and it forms the basis of a practice-led PhD within MIRIAD at MMU – due for completion in late 2018.


If you are interested in purchasing various print(s) please see my shop for all available products.

Please make note of a specific design title if you want one of the ones on this page, and select which print option you would like within the shop.

For example “Glitch Loom 1” as an “acrylic” print.

Jacquard Videos

Below are some videos showcasing the different stages of a thirty metre long piece of fabric that was produced on the digitally powered jacquard loom at The English Weaving Company, Huddersfield.

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