Coded Cloth : Glitches


The code acts as a compressor, ripping apart the original image, and piecing it back together again. Algorithms decide what is broken down, and what is kept of the original textile archive.

Colour palettes are developed from specific ranges, predetermined by the code I’ve written. There’s an element of chance in the creation of this work as the code enviably dictates what is kept, what’s not, and what colour choice is ultimately selected from the predetermined range I set.

Thus, during the design process the core internal oppositions exist within the work; geometric and organic, construction and deconstruction, order and chaos.


If you are interested in purchasing various print(s) please see my shop for all available products.

Please make note of a specific design title if you want one of the ones on this page, and select which print option you would like within the shop.

For example “Glitch Loom 1” as an “acrylic” print.

Coded Jacquard Videos

Below are some videos showcasing the different stages of a thirty metre long piece of fabric that was produced on the digitally powered jacquard loom at The English Weaving Company, Huddersfield.

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