Coded Cloth : Repeats


This particular series plays on the ideas surrounding order and chaos. Is it a straight repeat that remains, or a chaotic one?

Elements of the original fabric archive remain, but some new elements have been constructed during the coding process. These new designs present the old and the new, memories of the past archive, but also new coded elements are revealed.


The archives used in this body of work are from the Macclesfield Silk Museums’ and Paradise Mills’ collection.

For more information about the museum and archives, please visit their website.


If you are interested in purchasing various print(s) please see my shop for all available products.

Please make note of a specific design title if you want one of the ones on this page, and select which print option you would like within the shop.

For example “Coded Design 1” as an “acrylic” print.

Coded Jacquard Videos

Below are some videos showcasing the different stages of a thirty metre long piece of fabric that was produced on the digitally powered jacquard loom at The English Weaving Company, Huddersfield.

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