“Radical Response” at the Benzie Vertical Gallery, running as part of the IASDR Conference 2019.

ARCHIVE 53809_DB was part of this “Radical Response” exhibition.

2 Sep – 5 Sept 2019. Benzie Vertical Gallery, Manchester School of Art, Manchester, England.


An exhibition of work by academic staff from the Department of Design at Manchester School of Art. The work responds to the tracks of DESIGN REVOLUTIONS: Change, Learning, Living, Making, People, Technology, Thinking, Value & Voices and embodies our research interests.

The Department is one of the oldest established, largest and broadest providers of design education in the UK. We value the role craft and making play in design and research, whilst striving to respond
to current societal challenges through creative experimentation, design thinking and policy change.

We hope the work will provide you with an insight in to our research activities and serve as a catalyst for discussion and future research collaboration as we welcome you to Manchester and the School of Art.

Dr Annie Shaw & Fabrizio Cocchiarella

Exhibition Curators


This body of work demonstrates the link between design and making. It outlines practice-based research through design as a legitimate way of knowledge production. The generative programming evidences the practitioner harnessing technology and integrating it fully into their own design process. This amalgamation shapes a model for future production across design fields. In particular, the research illuminates the possibility of using generative processes as a method of innovating existing textile design processes. The end application shapes the final selection process.

MMU Email: M.Stephens@mmu.ac.uk

Web: www.michellestephens.co.uk

Twitter: @MStephensArtist


Image credits: Dr Michelle Stephens, 2019.

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Opening night reception: Monday, 9 September from 6-8pm…

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