9/5/2016 – 30/10/2016 : Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź, Piotrkowska Street 282, 93-034 Łódź, Poland


The International Triennial of Tapestry is the world oldest (1972), biggest and the most representative textile art review; winning a prize in this competition (even if without financial gratification) offers prestige superior to all others in this art discipline. Comparable international events in Lausanne and Kyoto broke up in the 1990s. The mystery about the continuity of the Łódź triennial lies in the unbroken vivid interest it arouses among artists all over the world, unquestioned leading position of Polish artists, large and active textile milieu in Łódź supported by the Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts, established international position of the Central Museum of Textiles as well as unfailing contribution of the City Government (financing the event) that cares for the textile tradition of Łódź.

The triennial of tapestry is the largest international festival in Łódź and its world renown – in the art area – outclasses the biennial of graphic art in Cracow or the Warsaw poster biennial. Emancipation of textiles in the world as a genuinely independent means of expression dates back to the 1960s, yet fame of artists (ex.: M. Abakanowicz, W. Sadley) and excellence of their masterpieces have not contrived general tendency to approach textiles as functional objects rather than strictly artistic. Therefore, the above mentioned other art events are better observed in the media than textiles.

There’s more information on this link: The Central Museum of Textiles

Title of Work: Coded Cloth Reanimated
Dimensions: 2m (L) x 1m (W)

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