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A business development programme, led by Craft NI, the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Invest NI, which has launched the careers of 35 designer-makers, is celebrating its tenth anniversary with an exhibition of work from 24 of the makers from the programme. The...

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62 Group – NOW

62 Group – NOW The 62 Group of Textile Artists is delighted to announce their forthcoming exhibition at the Upfront Gallery, Cumbria. The group will be exhibiting work on an open theme, reflecting the diversity of subjects, materials and approaches explored by it’s...

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Part of the Barnaby Festival, at Macclesfield Silk Musesum Many modern technical developments followed the invention of the Jacquard loom and its punch card system, including a tabulating machine by Herman Hollerith in America. Following a rapid growth in the US...

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Culture Craft Exhibition

Culture Craft Statement: Of all the craft areas, woven cloth, is most at ease with the demands of technology and design of contemporary western culture. There is fluidity in the practice, design and art of woven textiles that enables textiles to fit easily with...

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